This article assumes that you have already completed the app installation and have added the storefront widget to a backup theme. Since your store is live, we'll want to complete a real transaction with a real credit card, but do so while previewing your backup theme. Let's get started!

Step 1 - Create test group and plan

You may have already created a selling plan when setting up Simplee Subscriptions. If so, you can choose to test this out on a product which is already activated for subscriptions. If you haven't, do this:

  • Open the Simplee Subscriptions app

  • Open the Plans page

  • Create a new Group (call it Subscription Test) with an internal name of test. Leave the options as they are. Save the group.

  • Add a new Plan. You can choose any values here, but we recommend giving it a discount of at least 90% so that the price at checkout will be small. Save this plan.

  • Click the button Assign Products, and choose a product which isn't already assigned to a group

Step 2 - Checkout with test plan

Now we want to go through the entire checkout process as though you were a customer.

  • In your Shopify admin, click Online Store, then on the theme which has the widget on it, click Actions > Preview

  • Navigate to the product page where you set up your test group

  • Does the subscription widget appear and look good?

    • If not, click the chat button on this page to let us know and we will help!

  • When you add a subscription product to your cart, does the cart show the frequency of the subscription?

  • Go to the checkout page - does the product show the frequency of the subscription?

  • On the shipping page, are you seeing the shipping rate you would expect?

  • Complete the checkout using a payment method accepted by your store

Step 3 - Emails and customer management

Now that you've created a subscription (nice job!), check these things:

  • See that you received an email as the customer indicating that you've started your subscription - if the format or branding needs updating, do so in the app's Settings page

  • In the app, within a minute of checkout, the subscription will appear on the Subscriptions page

  • Click on the subscription, and get familiar with the subscription management page

  • We recommend trying things like sending a credit card update request, adding new products, and testing out the activity log and customer notes features

Step 4 - Login as a customer

Go back to the theme preview, and login to the store using the email you checked out with (you may need to create an account first). If you don't have an option to login as a customer or create an account, enable customer accounts on the Shopify Settings > Checkout page.

Check these things:

  • On the Account page, do you see a link to My Subscriptions?

  • Click the link - does the customer portal load successfully?

  • Try making some changes as a customer

  • In the app, on the Settings page, turn features on or off for the customer portal based on what you'd like to give customers the ability to do

Step 5 - Launch and/or customize

If you're happy with your flow, you should remove the test group you created, and when everything is configured, publish this backup theme.

If you'd like to make minor or major updates to your product page widget, or your customer portal, we would love to assist! The Simplee team has extremely affordable development services available.

That's it! If you're ever stuck, open the app and chat with our support team.

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