When managing existing subscriptions, we have made things as simple as possible for you and your support team. Load the app, click on Subscriptions, and select the subscription you want to manage.

You can also search all subscriptions by name, email address, or phone number, and can select the tabs at the top of the page to filter all subscriptions by status.

Once you have selected the subscription you want to manage, you will be presented with several panels of information.

Products in this subscription

First, a list of all products in the subscription is presented. For each item, it will provide a link to the product, the price that we have on file, the quantity in this subscription, and any discount that is currently applied to the subscription.

You can click the pencil icon next to the product to change the variant that is being subscribed to, and can change any of the quantity and discount values. Once something has been changed, be sure to click the save button.

Here, you can also choose to pause or unpause the subscription, cancel or reactivate the subscription, and choose to add a new product to this subscription. If the customer used a discount code when checking out with the subscription, it will be listed beneath the list of products.

Orders and billing attempts

Every time our app tries to create a subscription order, it will appear in the list of orders and billing attempts. Usually, all recurring orders are scheduled to run at 12:01am in your time zone on the date of recurrence. This next billing date is listed in the top-right corner of this panel.

If a billing attempt fails, it will appear in this list, along with the error message we received when trying to bill the order. If it is successful, it will show a link to the order in Shopify.

Activity Log

The activity log shows both comments you and your team has posted, as well as system messages that tell you more about the subscription's history. To post a new message, simply type your text in the input field and click Enter! (don't forget to use emojis 😁)

Recurrences & Minimum / Maximum Orders

Some important information about every subscription is displayed in the top-right corner of this page. Some of the information you will see:

  • Billing date: the next date that this subscription is planned to be billed

  • Bill every: the billing frequency

  • Deliver every: the delivery frequency - will be important for prepaid subscriptions

  • Minimum orders: optional, the minimum number of orders before customers can cancel

  • Maximum orders: optional, the maximum number of orders. Subscriptions will expire after the last order is successful

To change the next billing date, click the Edit button and choose the date you would like to use. If you are using fixed billing dates, only dates on those fixed intervals will be available for selection.

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