Some of you may have begun browsing the Simplee Subscriptions app, but are not certain about how some of the features work, or how they will impact your subscriptions business. This article will attempt to explain some key concepts which will help with your success.

Selling Plans

A selling plan is a collection of rules which define customer subscriptions. Some of the things that a selling plan determine include:

  • Name - this is the description of the subscription which is displayed in the cart and at checkout

  • Billing and Delivery Frequency - how often should your customers be billed, and how often should they receive their subscription

  • Discounts - should customers get a discount for subscribing?

  • Minimum and Maximum Orders - is there a number of orders which must be completed before customers can cancel? Does the subscription stop after a specific number of orders?

You can create selling plans within groups, which we describe next.


A group is a collection of selling plans. You may want to group selling plans for various reasons, but the most frequent one is to offer your customers a logical grouping of selections. The default Simplee widget displays groups as top-level radio buttons, with each group's selling plan options listed below.

When configuring your subscriptions, you will need to assign groups to products on your store. Note that groups can only be associated to products, not to individual variants within a product. When you assign a group to a product, you will see the association in the Subscriptions card when editing that product in shopify.

When creating a new group, you will be asked for a name - this is the name that will be displayed to customers as a high level group. Good examples might include Subscribe and Save, Prepaid Subscriptions, Subscribe, and Subscription Options.

You can also choose to assign either one or two options to this group. We'll talk about options next.


When you create a new Group, you are asked to name one or two options for this group. For most merchants, you will only require the first option - naming it something like "Delivery every" will be sufficient.

In the future, if you choose to offer more advanced subscriptions such as prepaid subscriptions (not currently available), then you may want to show two options on your storefront - one relating to how often to delivery, and the other relating to how often to bill.

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