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Give members store credit with
Give members store credit with

Want to give your members store credit for every membership order? Give a fixed amount or a ratio of their membership amount

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We love seeing interesting use cases that our merchants implement to run their business their way. Something that has been coming up more frequently is the option to give members some kind of credit anytime their membership order is processed successfully.

While Simplee Memberships doesn't have this option built in, we have found a great option - partner our app with!

What can you do?

There are a few things that can be accomplished with this app pairing:

  • Give members a fixed store credit for every membership order

    • This could mean that regardless of what members are paying for their membership, you want to give them $X.XX every time

  • Let members use membership payments as a way to save

    • You could match the amount they paid for their membership order as store credit. So if the membership payment is £9.99, you can give them £9.99 in store credit for every successful order.

  • Give members more than they pay in store credit

    • This is a nice way to give members incentive for being members. Let's say you want to give members an extra 20% of spending power by being a member, you could have a rule where for every $1 spent, they get $1.20 in store credit. A $50/month membership would give them $60 in store credit every month

How do you do it?

To do this, you'll need the plan which allows for custom reward workflows. If you want to add a fancy "Use Store Credit" button at checkout (instead of giving members custom discount codes), you'll need to be on one of their higher-end plans.

When logged into your app, click on Loyalty & Rewards, then click the button to Create Workflow.

In the list of icons, select Create your own

Next, select the Order paid trigger to initiate this workflow

In the then box of the workflow, click on Add condition, then select the option for Product ids > contains one of. For this next step, you'll need your membership's product ID. To do this, simply edit the membership product in your Shopify admin, and look for the number at the end of the URL. It's usually a number that is about 12 digits long.

When looking at the product, this is where you'll find the ID in the address bar:

Next, follow the YES flow to the correct THEN box, and add a new action. This is where you get to be creative about what you want to give members every time they create a successful membership order.

The option to Issue Store Credit is the one we've discussed, but you can also offer limited store credits, or even add a delay before their credit becomes active.

When you're done, your flow will look something like this:

Nice job! All that's left to do is to save the workflow, then don't forget to activate it.

We hope this will give you members even more reason to become long-term customers 🎉📈

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