A common request from merchants is to contact their members via email, or potentially even via SMS text message. This is quite easy to do, and varies from very simple to more complex.

Directly from Simplee Memberships

First, you can always export a list of your members from Simplee Memberships by visiting the Memberships tab, filtering your list of members, and clicking the Export button, which will give you a CSV file you can open in any spreadsheet program.

From your Shopify admin

Since all members are tagged in Shopify, you can easily create a custom filter for your customers in Shopify, then export them, or use other email apps on Shopify to contact these customers.

There's an App for That

Of course, you can use popular email marketing tools like Klaviyo and OmniSend, which offer the ability to create specific segments based on customer tagging. This is likely best if your membership relies on regular and reliable email communications.

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