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Give members discounts on future purchases, or offer them wholesale pricing
Give members discounts on future purchases, or offer them wholesale pricing

Want to reward your members by giving them ongoing discounts on your product catalog? Want to offer a wholesale pricing club to members?

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It is common for merchants to want to offer discounts to their members. It's possible that this is your entire reason for selling memberships.

We know that offering discounts can come in many different flavors. You can offer a flat rate on your entire site, offer cart-level and minimum purchase amount discounts, limited time discounts, quantity break discounting, discounts on specific collections or products with specific tags... the list goes on.

Because of the wide range of requests, we have tested a handful of popular discounting apps which are compatible with Simplee Memberships. These apps leverage the tags that we add to your members, and can offer whatever types of discounts you would like.

Don't want another app? Use discount codes!

While using a discounting app gives you the most flexibility and power, you may not need that level of complexity, and may want to simply give members an exclusive discount code just for them.

To learn how to offer members discount codes, check out this article:

Below is a list of discounting apps, along with a short summary of what they allow you to do.

Wholesale & Custom Pricing

What They Do: Very simple app to use, it can offer a variety of discounts for your members based on several criteria. They can also provide free or discounted shipping to your members. Pricing is based on your Shopify plan level.

We have an article on setting this app up here.

Wholesale Club

What They Do: Simple way to offer wholesale pricing, including multiple pricing tiers. Works seamlessly with our customer tagging solution. They don't duplicate products or variants like some apps, making it much simpler to manage products and inventory.

Bold Custom Pricing

What They Do: This app does a good job of showing discounts directly on the product page.

Intuitive Shipping

What They Do: Give your members free or discounted shipping on future orders. Intuitive provides a variety of shipping options, which can be offered exclusively to customers with an active membership tag.

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