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Validate Existing Members with validateCustomer
Validate Existing Members with validateCustomer

Using this public API endpoint, you can quickly determine whether a customer's email address has a valid membership on your store

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Sometimes you may need to validate whether a customer has a valid membership, but this doesn't always happen on your Shopify store. To solve this use case, we offer a public endpoint to let you validate whether an email address has an active or cancelled membership on your store.

How it Works

We've made this as easy as possible so that you can add it to virtually any existing site, app, or service. Simply connect to this URL with a GET request, replacing the values for domain and email to represent your domain, and the email of the customer you are querying:[myshopify domain]&email=[email]

A sample request with actual data could be:

This request could be submitted from a backend script using cURL, or could be added to some frontend Javascript to validate a customer as a page is loading.

Return Values

When sending a request to this URL, our app will return one of two possible responses. One will simply indicate that there is no match for the domain and customer you returned, while the other will send back a JSON object with all current and past memberships for the customer.

No Results

If there is no match for the email address and domain sent, a message will be sent in the format:

"message": "No results"


If there has ever been any membership activity for the email address provided, you will see a JSON object with all past and present memberships. The format of the object will be:

"results": [
"valid": true,
"status": "active",
"next_billing_date": "2021-10-11 21:01:00",
"membership": "Gold Plan"
"valid": false,
"status": "cancelled",
"next_billing_date": "2020-09-02 21:01:00",
"membership": "Platinum Plan"

Here are the definitions of each value:

  • valid: whether this customer has a membership which should currently be considered as valid today. This could include members who have cancelled their membership but who still have time before the membership expires

  • status: this is the current status of the membership. Possible options are active, paused, and cancelled

  • next_billing_date: the next planned billing date for this membership. Invalid memberships will have a billing date in the past

  • membership: the name of the membership plan this member has subscribed to. If the member has memberships to multiple plans, each will appear in their own object.

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