Can I Use Simplee Memberships?

See all the requirements for using subscriptions on Shopify, and make sure we have the features you need

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Whether you have already installed our app, or are just curious to know what we offer, this article will have some important information for you.

Comparing Memberships Apps

We're proud of what our app can do, and think you should see why we think we're the best membership app on Shopify. To see a detailed comparison of Simplee Memberships versus other apps, check out:

Minimum Requirements

Here are some things which are required before you can use Simplee Memberships (or any other subscriptions or membership app on Shopify):

  • Your store must be using an compatible payment gateway - this currently includes Shopify Payments,, PayPal Express, Stripe, and ShopPay. Shopify may include additional payment gateways in the future, but these are the only supported gateways today. Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported within Shopify Payments, so you will need to use Shopify Payments to use those features.

Current Limitations

Shopify will continue to add more functionality in the future. Currently, you can see known limitations and a roadmap for when they expect to release features here:

See the Limitations section on this article.

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