You may want to give a discount on your membership price - this is a great way to get new members, and can be used for situations when you want to move members from another membership app to Simplee Memberships.

Some use cases could include:

  • Give customers their first membership order for free

  • Give a discount on the first membership order

  • Discount the first few membership orders

  • Give an ongoing membership discount

Creating the Discount Code

In the Discounts section of your Shopify admin, click on Create Discount, then select Discount code.

Choose the Types that you'd like to offer, then in the PURCHASE TYPE section, be sure to choose either Subscription or Both so that the code will work with your membership product.

Lastly, decide whether the discount will apply to the first order only, a fixed number of orders, or whether the discount will apply to all future membership payments.

Save the discount code, and your customers can now use the code to purchase their memberships at a discount. πŸŽ‰

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