Create a Membership Product

Instructions on creating a product on Shopify which will work with your memberships configuration

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Simplee Memberships uses a Shopify product to track each membership. This makes it easier for you to use existing rules and configurations, such as taxes. It also makes it possible for you to sell physical products along with your membership.

To create a product to be used for memberships, do the following:

  • In your Shopify admin, go to the Products page

  • Click to add a new product

  • Choose a name, add a description, and optionally an image

  • For the price, we recommend using the default price for your membership (the monthly or annual price)

  • Uncheck the option to Track quantity

  • Uncheck the option This is a physical product

  • If your store is live, we recommend saving the product as a Draft until you get the chance to test everything out

You now have a product ready to be sold as a membership! Open Simplee Memberships to continue setting up your plan.

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