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Send emails from a custom domain
Send emails from a custom domain
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Note: this article assumes that you are on the Advanced price plan with Simplee Subscriptions and have registered a domain name (e.g.

Email Deliverability

While emails are used for marketing and transactional messages billions of times per day, it is still important to take steps to reduce the chances that your emails wind up in the spam folder.

To do this, we will need our email service provider to verify that you own the domain name you are sending emails from. The most common ways to prove this is by updating the DNS records for your domain with values that we will provide you.

Once you have made these simple changes, we will be able to send emails to your customers as though they were coming from your business. The probability that these emails will end up in your customers' inbox will also be greatly increased.

What's the Process?

First, open a new chat with our support team (in the corner of this page) and let them know which domain you would like to verify (such as Our team will then register your domain with our email provider, and will email you with additional instructions on how to update your DNS records.

Once this is done and the domain is verified, we will enable this option in your email settings, and you're ready to rock and roll!

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