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Give Members Discounts and Custom Shipping Rates with Wholesale & Custom Pricing App
Give Members Discounts and Custom Shipping Rates with Wholesale & Custom Pricing App

Great option to quickly provide a discount, with advanced options if you require them. The best part? You can do it for free!

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We often hear "how can I give my members a discount?", and we have spent a ton of time looking into apps which provide customers discounts. This article will go through configuring our favourite app, Wholesale & Custom Pricing by "Website On-Demand".

Step 1 - Configure Simplee Memberships

First, we need to know which customer tag will provide which discount to active members. To do this, open the Plans page in Simplee Memberships, create a plan if you haven't already, they take note of the Customer Tag for the membership plan you want to use.

In this case, we'll use Member as our customer tag. This tag is added to all members' customer accounts in Shopify, and is removed when their memberships expire or are cancelled.

Step 2 - Install Wholesale & Custom Pricing App

Next, we'll install the discounting app, and start off by using their free plan. For many cases, the free plan will be sufficient.

Install the app here: Wholesale & Custom Pricing

In the app, click the Create a Discount Group button

Give the discount a name, maybe something like Members Only Discount, then enter the customer tag from Simplee Memberships

Next, choose the type of discount you want to provide to your members. As an example, to provide a flat 15% discount to your members on all products, you would choose Minimum cart value, choose your type of discount, then set the minimum cart value to 0.

Note that the free version of this app lets you test out the discount on a single product. This lets you see how things will look and feel for your members. If you like how it works, you'll likely want to upgrade to one of their paid plans to offer discounts on more products, or entire collections, of your store.

Free Shipping

To provide free or discounted shipping to members, simply enable this section, and select free, flat rate, or a specific shipping profile for your members

Step 3 - Test With Your Customer Account

To test this all out, edit a customer account on your store, and add the customer tag you've configured in both apps (in this case, Member). When you are logged into your store with this account, you will see what members will see when adding products to their carts and checking out.

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