Am I Eligible to Migrate?

Important things to know before planning a migration to Simplee Memberships

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All subscriptions apps using Shopify's Checkout are fairly new, since this was only possible starting in November, 2020. Because of this, there are several things that are required from you before considering a migration. There are also a few things which are not yet supported by our app. We will continue to update this article as things change in the future.

Merchant Requirements

There are some items you must check off the list before considering migrating:

  • Existing memberships must be processed using Stripe,, or PayPal Express as the payment gateway

  • Your store must be setup to use an approved gateway for all transactions (more details)

  • You must be able to extract key information from your existing membership app, such as your member names, contact information, their payment tokens, and as much information about their membership as possible (next order date, interval)

If you've read the information above and still want to migrate, please contact us via chat in the Simplee Memberships app and we'll initiate a migration as soon as we can.

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