Congrats on getting ready to migrate your memberships to Simplee Memberships!

We want to make the experience as seamless as possible so that your active members barely notice the change. Most importantly, we want active members to continue making successful payments 💰

Before our team can begin a migration from Stripe to Shopify, we need you to connect your Stripe account to your existing Shopify store.

IMPORTANT: If you have multiple businesses/accounts on Stripe, you must know the name of the account where your members are being charged.

To begin, open your Shopify admin, and in the address bar, delete everything after your URL (everything beginning with /admin)

Next, copy the text below, and paste it after your store's URL, then click Enter to open this page.


The full URL will looks something like:

You should see the following page. Enter your Stripe account's email address, and click Continue.

You will be prompted for your password, and may need to complete a 2FA authentication challenge to log in.

Next, select the account where existing members are being charged, and click the Connect button.

This is very important. Choosing the wrong account will lead to payment failures for all of your members.

Once this is successful, you'll be directed to your Payments page in Shopify with a message indicating that the connection was successful.

You're done! If our team asked you for confirmation when this was done, let us know 👍

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