One of the first things most of our merchants ask is how to change the colors, text, and some behaviors of their storefront widget. In case you're unsure, the storefront widget is the code which Simplee Subscriptions adds to your product page to load subscription options for your customers.

Finding the Options

Lucky for you, we've made it incredibly easy to make changes to your widget. Simply load the app in your Shopify admin, then click on Settings. Scroll to the area called Widget Styling, which should look like this:

These are the options provided for your standard widget, and should look something like this:

To change the look and feel, you can use the color picker to select the colors for the widget, change the widget heading and text used for one-time purchases, and can even choose to have the subscription be the default option when the widget loads.

Soon, your widget can be looking like this!

Happy styling!

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