A very common error is that when customers try to add your membership product to the cart, they see the error Variant can only be purchased with a selling plan. A selling plan is the name given by Shopify to purchase options, such as memberships or subscriptions.

Simplee Memberships updates your Shopify product to require a selling plan so that customers can't accidentally purchase the product without recurring billing properties.

How to fix this issue

Try the following things to resolve this issue:

  • Be sure you have installed our widget on the theme your are experiencing the issue on

    • In Simplee Memberships, select the Installation tab

    • Select the theme you're updating, and click on Update Theme

    • Try loading the page again and add the product to your cart

  • If this didn't resolve the issue, then please chat with us for assistance. We will need to update your theme so that our widget appears correctly

  • If you're familiar with Shopify themes, you can try adding the following Liquid code inside your product form:

{% render 'simplee-widget', product:product %}

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