Some merchants may want to give automatic discounts to their members. For those merchants, we talk about compatible discounting apps in this article.

Other times, you may want to simply create a Shopify discount code which is only valid for logged in members. Some things you can do with these discount codes include:

  • Offering a % discount on all products

  • Offering a fixed discount on all products

  • Offering free shipping

  • Offer a Buy X Get Y discount

  • Apply discounts to specific collections or products

  • Require minimum quantity or purchase amount to qualify

  • Restrict free shipping to specific countries

Creating a Member Discount Code

First, open your Shopify admin, click on Discounts, then select the Create Discount button. When this modal appears, select Discount code.

Fill in the details of the discount, including the amount, eligibility, products, etc...

Limit Customers to Members

In the Customer eligibility section, select the option for Specific groups of customers

Choose the customer group which represents the membership plan you created in Simplee Memberships (this should have been created automatically by our app)

Save your discount code, and let your members know! We suggest updating the email sent to new members to tell them about the discount code, and updating some pages on your store to remind members to add their code - adding this to your cart page is a great idea.

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