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Give members discounts or free shipping on future purchases
Give members discounts or free shipping on future purchases

Simplee Memberships can automatically apply a Shopify discount code to logged in members, giving them a discount of your choice

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One popular way to reward members is to give them discounts on other items in your store. Some things merchants like to do can include:

  • Giving members free shipping

  • Giving members a fixed or percentage discount

  • Limiting discounts to specific products or collections

Luckily, doing this is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Create a Shopify discount code

    This is the most important step, and needs to be done correctly to ensure that the code is only valid for active members.

    Learn how to create discount codes here

  2. Update your membership plan

    Now that you have a code, you simply need to create or edit a membership plan in Simplee Memberships, and enter the discount code in the Automatic Discounts section.

  3. Test and Launch!

    It's always a good idea to test things out before launching. We recommend doing a few things:

    1. Try adding the discount code at checkout without being logged in, and make sure it doesn't work (because you're not a member)

    2. Log in as a customer with an active membership, and confirm that the messages appear on the My Account and Cart page, if you enabled this

    3. Add something to your cart and go to checkout - your members-only discount code should be applied!

Note that because we use Shopify discount codes, it is only possible to apply one discount at a time. This means you can't offer a discount along with free shipping, but this is possible using a separate app.

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