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Offer Discounts to Members with Volume & Discounted Pricing App
Offer Discounts to Members with Volume & Discounted Pricing App

Give your customers even more reasons to become members by offering discounts, volume discounts, tiered pricing, and more

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Because Simplee Memberships adds a customer tag to all active members on Shopify, you can easily leverage other Shopify apps to extend our app's functionality.

Offering members discounts on future purchases is a great way to build long-term, loyal customer relationships.

One app which allows you to create discounts for customers with specific tags is Volume & Discounted Pricing by Shopacado. Install the app and select the appropriate plan for you, then create the type of discount that you would like to offer your members.

Add Tag to Optional Settings

When creating the offer in the Volume & Discounted Pricing app, you will see a box for Optional Settings. Check the box labelled Only show offer for tagged customers, then add the customer tag that you configured in your Simplee Memberships plan settings.

Once this offer is live, and you have completed setting up the app, logged in members will see the offers you have created. πŸš€

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