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Members can't log in to my store (Invalid email or password)
Members can't log in to my store (Invalid email or password)

Are customers getting an error about an invalid email address or password and can't login? We know just what to do.

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Often, merchants tell us that their members can't login to their store, which means they can't access their member benefits.

How to resolve this issue

Here are the most common solutions to this problem:

  • Confirm the customer account was created in your Shopify admin

    • Search for and open the customer's record in your Shopify admin

    • In the top-right corner, does it say Resend account invite?

      • This means the customer has not created their customer account, and have not selected a password

      • Click on that link, and ask your customer to click the link in their email to set their password

  • Confirm the customer's email address

    • Sometimes, customers have multiple accounts under one name, and they purchased their membership with a different email address

    • Check the customer's email address in Simplee Memberships, and make sure that's the email address they're logging in with

These two checks should resolve the majority of these issues!

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